Email Reading

Email Reading


This option consists of two questions posed to me via email and I will email you a response back.

There are a few guidelines and details Sarah asks you to honor BEFORE and if you do wish to purchase an emailed reading.

  • Interested in having a reading with Sarah? Read this important overview first.

  • Sarah can only answer up to 2 questions that you ask, and even with that if Sarah is guided to answer you in a more abstract construct that is better in person she will inform you that it can not be answered in this fashion.

  • You can not email Sarah again asking her for further explaining once you have received the reading.

  • If you need more questions answered you schedule a phone or in person reading to further learn and investigate the question you have.

  • You are open to the answer and the work it may take to understand.

  • You purchase the email option via Paypal to book and hold your spot in my schedule.

  • You understand fully that all Sarah’s readings are on a first come, first serve basis and Sarah holds the right to move my schedule as it pertains to her work/life.

  • Sarah holds the right to inform you of changes or if she can not do the email reading due to schedule changes.

  • You ask first to see when Sarah can fit it into her schedule before you purchase or assume her schedule is open to do so.

  • You have read and understood the nature of this type of reading is to help you on a quicker type of basis and hopefully will work within the constructs of my work

  • You understand and read all of the above guidelines here and that you lovingly respect that.

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