With clients around the globe, Sarah Winslow has been professionally assisting people from all walks of life with her gift of clear sight for over 18 years.

A psychic-medium since childhood, Sarah has a powerfully strong connection to a Force beyond this earth that governs our love and lives, our lessons and our souls’ journey upon this earth. Sarah uses her insight, intuition and ability to help others to find pathways for healing after or during times of grief or loss, or in times of soul’s growth through change and choice. Knowing the power of both free will and Divine will, Sarah uses this gift to help others find a way out of the darkness into the light in their own lives; to the inherent and innate light that we all hold within us.

Since the age of five, Sarah was shown that in time she would use her connection to Spirit and its laws to help others understand more deeply why we are here, and how to use our light to find greater joy and abundance. Not only a medium with the blessed gift of seeing loved ones who have parted from the physical plane, she is also a psychic, seeing avenues to heal the past, and create the future. Spiritual counseling comes with her abilities allowing others to find a way within to the bright light of a beautiful connection, giving life more meaning and faith.

Sarah has a unique and joyful approach to her sessions, classes and large stage events that brings humor, healing and real-talk to the table of life. Born into a family of creative powerhouse humans, Sarah's multifaceted way of connecting and integrating humor and vision transcends life's quandaries.