October Newsletter; Coupon, Events and Leveling Up

Hello My Friends,

Welcome to October and the season of Libra, and Scorpio. It promises to be a pretty "intense" month with Pluto moving direct after being retrograde since April. We have a Mercury retrograde at the end of the month on the 31st for 3 weeks into November. We are in the season of the shift of balance in relationship to self, to other, to purpose, to family. If you put in too much to a relationship it will be time to ask for reciprocity or release. If you haven't had a good relationship to the self, you will be asked to begin that care and attention to YOU. The Universe is always beckoning us to step up, or level up how we do or handle things. Control, at times is an illusion and that is why things often surprise us or shock us when a catalyst comes in to help us GROW and BECOME more aligned with purpose, service, and LOVE. This is that time. Sometimes a conversation can simply be the beginnings of a much needed shift of perspective in a situation. I always tell my clients do the work or God will do it for you. I see this in so many readings. A client will fight making the needed changes that they in their heart they need do and then after time, the shift happens anyway. Free will is a bitch we say. It’s hard for us humans to know how to better our lives from a place of TRUTH and not of the ego or pride. Lessons and karmic cycles repeat until we have the insight and self love to see how to change them. It takes a village to raise a human being in a way that is happy and balanced. Love, reciprocity, self care, good relationships, joy, service and pleasure and community is important to us all. Find a way to find it.

I, myself, have learned through loss, deep pain and intense inner work that I am the captain of my heart and the recipient of the vibration of it is not only blessed but me loving myself and finding my way by inner light will benefit not only me but the mirror of the person, lover, family member, or friend in front of me. This is what is required. Not always easy but the only way out is through not around or over.

I have shifts coming as well.

As we approach 2020 we will need to be more attuned to whats INSIDE us not the chaos around us. Meditate my friends. Meditate as much as you can. Learn to do guided sessions, take time. Reach out for spiritual answers not egoic ones. It will help a lot.

For this month I am booked up for private sessions - I am getting very busy so you will have to write in for appointments, we have a wait list and we do get cancellations so keep booking in. Plus we do open up new spots here and there. I have a group reading at SALUD studio here in Portland Maine on October 27th at 4 pm, and tickets are available here and space is limited read about here and get tickets

I will have a big event in December as well at the Dunegrass Golf Club my " This Rough Magic" show and reading so stay tuned for that fun one! Right in time for holiday joy!

Im working on a mini film as well. Things are really amping up!

If you wish to purchase a discounted reading you can do so; This does not guarantee you getting in right away for a reading but the coupon only lasts for 48 hours and we can’t honor that beyond the time of the 48 hour window.

It is $50.00 off either one hour or half hour readings (usually $250.00 for one hour/$175.00 for half hour ) Click below and put the respective coupon code in the coupon code box for the discount when checking out. You can then reach out via email to us to schedule in.

I have recently heard that a book of the top 33 (global) psychics will be published in the new year and I am in that book! I hope to announce it as it is published; so that is an honor and a humble gift I have for the work I do. So blessed to do this deep big cool work!

I am loving you up, and sending you Divine filled energy and Grace,

Sarah .

Sarah Winslow
September Newsletter ; Progress in the Shift, Coupon, Salud!

Hello My Friends

Well we have wrapped up the summer here in the Northern Hemisphere. Even though we have lovely weather in September in Maine, the sun is lower in the sky and our days have begun to grow cooler. Its hard to see the days grow shorter as Autumn quickly approaches and asks us to learn to accept change and shifts. Good lesson in life for sure. This month we have many planets in Virgo (details, plans, focus and organize time). We also have Saturn going direct on the 18th and this is good for an ending to procrastination and stagnation around goals and dreams coming into the flow again. This happens right after the Pisces Full moon on the 14th which promises to move some serious energy in a big way. There is oppositional energy that will make us let go of thing no longer working - yet know that what is created and given prior to this time will also be regenerated if it needs to be as we end the month up with Libra sun and more balance and love in relationships that are meant to be. We are still learning from the lessons of the past and we are still clearing out toxic things and its worth it, my friends.

Best advice? Be here now. Simplify and find out who you are, what you desire, what you no longer need, what you love and whom you love as well. Act with the bravery of a vulnerable human knowing your other fellow earth dwellers are ALL going through big awakenings of sorts. I know this statistically with clients in all walks of life globally that are being faced to be strong, vulnerable version of themselves shedding with tears and some fear the old. Letting it go with honor and gratitude for the lessons and being brave enough to being open to new blessings being presented to them. The universe doesn't give unto those with clenched fists. It needs you to open up those hands, those arms and let it come. It can be a shift of thought, a closing to fear and overthinking or it can be a radical re-design of a whole life. We are nearing the end of this decade and posing ourselves for entrance into the "20s and that is no joke. Don't bring what is no longer love into the door of your new home of the self as you sail into the days to come. You, my beloved ones, are worth every hug, every new job, every moment of laughter, every kiss, every move to a new home, all of it. You are worth it. The Divine will show you that.....soon.

So I have a Group reading at SALUD in Portland on Casco Street coming up again! Sunday October 27th at 4 Pm-5:30 and this is a great venue for seeking healing and wellness. Group readings are a great way to see my style of reading and open up to the great messages that come through and have a great time laughing and opening up to greater clarity. Come meet me! Tickets and link here.

I have decided to run a September coupon again; and to clarify how this works. If you purchase one you can email after to schedule in however it does not mean you will get in right away. Lately I am booking ahead a bit and myself or my assistant will get back to you asap and get you on the schedule. You can also save for a later date too! For 48 hours ONLY (from your receipt of this mailing) you can get $50.00 off both full hour session or half hour session. When you are purchasing your reading, put the respective CODE written below into the ‘Discount Code’ form as you are purchasing at chekout and the discount will be applied.

SEASONSHIFTONE Click here to purchase
SEASONSHIFTHALF Click here to purchase

I have big things in the works and am planning my next rounds of classes soon. Also will be announcing This Rough Magic soon for the winter which is my spiritual talk/group reading and essentially very funny and awakening stage event. Its always hugely popular and I am humbled and so happy to create this way of bringing you out and getting you to see what a weird and beautiful thing it is to be a spiritual being having a human experience!

Advice for the coming days? Don't be a jerk. Listen with your heart. Don't project your fears onto others and work on knowing YOURSELF better. Be kind out here. We all need it.

I am loving you with all of me,


“I am larger, better than I thought; I did not know I held so much goodness.

All seems beautiful to me.
Whoever denies me, it shall not trouble me;
Whoever accepts me, he or she shall be blessed, and shall bless me.”
Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

Sarah Winslow
Mid August News; The Tides are Turning: Coupon + Class

Good Day All ,

Stay tuned to the bottom part of this newsletter, for a discount code for readings. And how to sign up for my 104 class.

Well here we are mid August. After the potent eclipses of July which turned out to be a very tough month for many people, we move forward with the changes that are developing due to this summer of giant shifts . Mercury is now moving forward, and yesterday Jupiter the planet of expansion luck and optimism came out of retrograde as well. At the same time, Uranus, went retrograde. This usually creates sudden shifts and unexpected news and announcements. As you can see as well it creates an uncovering of information that may be surprising and shocking but also antiestablishment or innovative and new. Look to see what is changing and suddenly shifting in the outside world but also inside of you, and also in your life. We have a new moon at the beginning of the month and we have a new moon at the end of the month which is very rare. This means it is a very good time for new beginnings.

What needs to be shifted is beginning to change, and what needs you to keep pushing through has more momentum now. As if there is a very swift river, that may be at times felt like it was going to pull you under it’s waves, but now you may suddenly have an oar in your hand. As we approach 2020 things won’t Seem At all what they were in 2019. Both Socially and politically as well as in your own life.

There are waves and waves of people going through different amounts of stressors or changes and losses. Not all of these losses are bad though some of the losses are divinely orchestrated with the ending of karmic cycles that need to go away in order for an individual to become happier and more spiritually centered and loved.

We can’t pretend that we can keep up with the Joneses, or live in a Norman Rockwell world anymore. It simply isn’t like that anymore, but that does not mean it’s not beautiful or loving or powerful or abundant. It only means that God is bringing you greater love and joy and harmony in different ways that seem like they shouldn’t make sense but they do. Basic theme of what I’m seeing with my clients all over the globe is love coming in to people and relationships coming to people that don’t make sense on paper but make incredible sense inside the heart.

As well as shifts and how to manage and make money. Think of the word innovation and think of how that applies to your life both spiritually and emotionally. Y’all are being worked on!

Can you feel it ?!?!? Yes indeed !! Untap from your iPhones and your computers at least a little bit every day to try to tune in to yourself through meditation and self care exercise nature friendship and community, this is the best way to handle all the shifts.

And by all means believe in something better. Something far more beautiful for yourself what you seek is seeking you right now but you must believe in it to achieve it. Getting healing to remove all sorts of past trauma is a really recommended thing to do right now.

Just understand that you are loved. I know I certainly love you. And so does spirit ... there is a force and a source out there that wants what’s best for you you must trust it.

So because of all of this I have decided to offer a coupon mid-month right now, but you must understand that I am fairly well booked up but you could book you’re reading at the exact time I’m sure that you and the divine need it. You could also use it for a gift.

Just for 48 hours it’s $50 off of a One Hour Reading and $50 off of a Half Hour Reading.

Click on the link below to navigate to my reading listings, and type in the correlating code in the coupon code box at checkout.

For anyone who has taken my class over the many years I’ve been teaching my 101, 102, and mediumship classed, you are welcome to sign up for 104 which is an innovative, expansive spiritual teaching class on all sorts of various subjects. I’m very excited about this course. Held on Saturday, September 28 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM - location to be determined. You can sign up for this class here.

So very excited to announce that I will be doing another big group reading at Salud in Portland, Maine in October and will be announcing more of my This Rough Magic events in the fall! Look to the September newsletter for that.

It’s all quite thrilling and very exciting, and my out reach is getting much larger. Of which I am very happy about and very humbling.

May you be blessed


Sarah Winslow
Mid July Update; The Awakening

Hello my friends,

Welcome to the mid-month/early-August update and newsletter. I am being guided to speak to you about the current energetic shifts as well as how to humanize, integrate and flow into how to use the time wisely for yourselves. The 16th marks a full moon and a partial solar eclipse in the sign of Capricorn (Saturn ruled, karmic teachings). We are in mid-cycle of 6 retrograde planets. Think re-think, re-heal, re-align, re-examine, re-do, release, realize, re-pattern, re-search, re-energize. "Retrogradus" in Latin means to step backwards. So this means we are being asked to go within (see* HEAL) while the eclipses are asking us to move forward, surrender, let go and dive in. Endings, beginnings, and some all within us and around us. Eclipse origin means (Middle English:), via Latin from Greek ekleipsis, from ekleipein ‘fail to appear, be eclipsed’, from ek ‘out’ + leipein ‘to leave’.

This means that things will be leaving us and beginning either newly, or Re-beginning. From the past or a project or idea, a love, a dream or a version of yourself. Or you will begin brand new. You will be guided to examine what works and what doesn't. The key here is this; Divine has control of a lot of this stuff right now. Meaning Divine will intervene in a few ways. Either though chaos and change urging those who think they have control over things moving in a certain direction or through inner awakening and insight and personal healings and epiphanies utilizing sorrow and "the let go." It can be all of this at the same time. Expect the unexpected for sure. In you, around you, in society. Cosmic shifts like this move the next year to come. Like it or not.

I am being guided to remind you that when you agreed to come back into human form, from the formless, you also agreed to have emotions, to experience love and pain, triumph and failure and all the beauty of our amazing earth. To grow from such times so that your soul, and the parts that animate your breath in the flesh grow too, in experiencing the choice we have (free will) to find LOVE in all times of this shifting. It is up to you to make hay while the sun shines then, during this time. Make good use of the lessons and the growth. Ask deep deep questions of yourself of why you get stuck on outworn ideas of relationship, vocation, and commerce. This is why rapid growth is upon us. Dorothy, we are not in Kansas anymore. Watch as souls who need to find each other for this next phase find each other though Divine magic and kismet and synchronicity. Watch as we re-qualify what the joy we need for ourselves looks like not connected though control of the outcome. Look within. Don't look outward, for the rearrangement of that may not look good anymore at all to you. Ask yourself;


To think you can find anything soul reaffirming without a huge leap into the vulnerable unknown of love and dream weaving is not " realistic" . This is why we brought up having the AGREEMENT of being vulnerable as a spiritual being having a human experience. I, myself, know this journey well. I have had to bravely face deep pain on this journey. This is why I am chosen as a teacher and a human guide, This is why I am a seer. To help you navigate the journey into self mastery. It will help one and all for you to start asking the Universe the big questions of not "why" should I heal and move forward but "how " will I heal and move forward. We are of One Mind and you will come to know this the the magic of what we are......LOVE.

I have decided to do a coupon for you for this time. Keeping in mind it is only good for 48 hours and that I am a very busy lady so you must be patient with the scheduling process but I always say, Divine is the one that does the scheduling anyway, and you will see.

So there is a $50.00 discount taken at check out WHEN YOU PUT THE CODE IN THE CHECKOUT BOX.

* Remember mercury is retro so be clear and patient when ordering, LOL!

Purchase a Full Hour Reading and use the following Code at checkout for $50 Off your reading: TAKETHEWHEELONE

Purchase a Half Hour Reading and use the following Code at checkout for $50 Off your reading: TAKETHEWHEELHALF

Don't be afraid to ask for help. When we were babies we cried for what we needed when we had no words. Then we are told to buck up and power through. Now you can ask for help again with your words, you are now given permission. How beautiful you all are and how precious and magic is our time here! Do not take it for granted my beloveds.

“I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.”

― Brené Brown

I am here loving you fully. I see you.



Sarah Winslow
Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 11.57.48 AM.png

Hello My Friends, 

Welcome to our new subscribers, and thank you so much for joining in this journey! Stay tuned to the bottom of the newsletter for updates, class tickets and also a link to a brief code for discounted readings with me. In June, I am pleased as punch to be teaming up with SALUD Portland to host a loving and connected group session in the later afternoon on Sunday June 23rd. This will be a great way to see what its like to receive guidance and to be in a joyful loving space to grow, and heal. In a group session not all will get a personal reading, but most do and it is wonderful to be a part of it and everyone will benefit. Space is limited sign up early!  For more info, and to sign up, click the link HERE.


June is beginning with a new moon in Gemini on the 3rd and, and is promising to be a summer of inner and outer healing. As we move through June, we approach not only Mercury Retrograde ( July 7-30 ), but also two eclipses in July. Eclipses; obscure light, make aware of hidden things and bring about something big; transformation. It is as I have said, a big summer and if one is doing the work to listen to the deeper intuitive urges one is guided to, it can bring about significant personal shifts and karmic endings and beginnings. If you feel the need to meditate more or look within by all means, find the time to do so. Cross those t"s and dot those i's in July. Be aware of projecting and projections from others, for Spirit is wanting human wound to heal and what you think about others will be shown to you either by positive mirrors or negative ones, it’s all a choice. Lessons are good for us, but we don't wish for repeats all the time do we? No. 

The Universe is trying to get us all to understand what true forgiveness and true love really means, but you got to let go of the crap to get there. That old worn out, didn’t work, can’t work, hurts to find it, gunk. We as a whole are capable of so much better than most of our stories hold. It’s like the matter inside your brain: when you learn to use the hidden other percentages of the mind, we are capable of great invention, creation, intuition, love and healing of the past. Meditate daily even for a few minutes to start the journey. I have a great prayer that I say with gusto and laughter that I will give to you to ponder as we move through this time and over this new moon into the summer of Intention:

" I love you God! Do you love me? SHOW ME YOUR LOVE!!! "   

It is a game of flirting with a huge, loving, vast thing and double-dog daring yourSELF to know your worth and abundance here on your life path. See what happens when you do so! 


If you have  taken my classes and are ready for NEW and wonderful spiritual seekers’ information, I have created a new class called Psychic 104 ! Held in September, it gathers on the information of the prior classes but delves more into quantum mechanics, and other topics like mind and body, dimensions and more!!


Well, this is a busy summer in the office. Sign up early for readings, my beautiful assistant Emma says its getting very busy! So with that, I will tell you I do have a June Coupon yet I am not sure about July. so get em while they are here!

For 48 HOURS ONLY from receipt of this newsletter we will offer a $50.00 discount for both one-hour sessions and half-hour sessions. You have to put the code words in at check out to get the discount . Code ends promptly at midnight after 48 hours. Please let us know if you have issues with the codes, but please respond within this 48-hour period for the discount to be honored.

JUNEONEHOUR  | click HERE to purchase 

JUNEHALFHOUR   | click HERE to purchase 


“ We do not heal the past by dwelling there; we heal the past by living fully in the present. ”
– Marianne Williamson

I am with you as we all move forward, with our great hearts guiding us all. 

Loving you One and All, 


Sarah Winslow
May Newsletter; Retrogrades, Rebirth, a coupon

Hello Friends

    It’s the beautiful month of May and I am here again to do your monthly update and help to bring you to new awareness of the energies that are surrounding us as a collective  at this time. We have a new moon in Taurus on May 4th ( May the 4th be with you! ) which brings us courage and trust and conviction to follow our dreams and plausibly create methods to bring things into fruition.  Take a dive into the beauty of what you know to be "yours" in this time frame.  We now have Jupiter retrograde , Saturn retrograde, and Pluto retrograde for basically the bulk of the summer months (for those in the northern hemisphere) reaching into our lives as they "slow down" to bring us to the next phase of our life. The universe creates times of energetic growth, challenges, endings and beginnings for us to become greater versions of ourselves and leave old karma behind and find methods to raise our knowledge of what is important. Of what is our TRUTH.  The basic mashup of the season energetically is this;  Spirit will let us get into introspection and mystical insights and dreaming big and hoping (Jupiter) ; Plumb to the deeper part of the toxic things and fears that hold us back (Pluto); and end karmic relationships and delve into responsibility and creation and deeper devotion to what we want to build (Saturn). This is how Spirit explains it to me. Put it this way, by Autumn so much will have been discovered, uncovered, learned and let go of and found again that big time growth and happiness CAN be on the horizon. I always like to remind my clients that the phrase I hand out is "do the work or God will do it for you." If you know you need to leave something, if your intuition and life has been banging you on the head, well, trust and leap. Doors always open where you fear there is none. For the Universe ALWAYS has our back and your truth and your TRUE path is always laying in wait for your bravery to do the work required and to show you how to shift things and re-do/re-learn/re-connect and re-frame your way of living, your loves, your dreams, your beliefs, your deep understanding. Don't let your ego get in the way of stopping what could be a powerfully great shift if you just jump in the river and move the bull crap out of the way. 

I feel seismic and large shifts for many and beautiful blossoming businesses and methods of earning income and also great powerful soul love coming to so many. It’s your heart and your willingness to do that inner looking that will help you find these things. Meditate! Ground! Find time to play and create as well and build on those dreams . These next moths will make many become way more awake to things in the world and around them . Illusions will drift away. That is helpful for a more spiritually and physically happy life. You deserve it . We all do . You came onto the earth to find your part here, to find your passion, your joys and your gifts. Now is the time to get it. GET IT. If you don't feel special well stop right now and look in the mirror and  KNOW you are -  

I celebrate myself, and sing myself,

And what I assume you shall assume,

For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.

Walt Whitman 

No classes at the moment - we just got done with an EPIC 101 and I am working on 102/ Mediumship and also for autumn 104! That one will be BIG and very NEW; I am working on this with the Guides and Angels over the summer months. Many new things in the works. 

So now is a good time for getting healing work as well and also starting activities that support your dreams - but NOT a good time to let fear be the only voice running the show in your mind. Be careful what you feed as they say. Find good people to speak with and share time with. All of that helps. 

In celebration of the greening of the trees I have a may coupon for you to use but as usual it is only good for 48 hours from receipt of this newsletter. 

You can purchase a one hour reading for $50.00 off (making it $200.00 ) or half hour for the same off (making is $125.00 ) 

Click here and put the code in AT the time of purchase; there will be a spot to do so in the Paypal link: 

Remember - only good for 48 hours, get it soon, summer gets mighty busy  

You are capable of change, of beautiful things, of great abundance. You just have to know when to say yes, when do say no and who to believe in;


Lord knows I do! And so does Spirit. 

I’m here to heap with grief, understanding , power, forgiveness, choices , karma  and occasionally the best place for a margarita : )  

May you be loved, 


Sarah Winslow
April Newsletter; Beginnings, Spring Coupons
FullSizeRender copy.jpg

Hello My Friends

Its finally Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere. We here in New England always get giddy even though it is still chilly and muddy. It is a very symbolic awakening of being closed in for so long and so inward. We always feel a great rebirth. It is appropriate and rightly timed as of late, for there is a huge shift taking place lately within the collective. Coming to the end of Mercury Retrograde ( the 28th of March) after the Supermoon we rest in knowing that the shifts that are taking place are truly Divinely guided and sourced. Bringing many of us to close doors to the past and to places, behaviors, people, relationships that don't resonate with the most important energy we have; LOVE. For our self and for the mirror of that - in the OTHER. To come to the bold and deep knowing that things are shifting out of old paradigms into new ones, waiting, so that we can do things differently and run our commerce, income, dreams, and relationships differently than we ever truly have. Its new territory. If during the last several months you have had to face fears bearing their dark teeth and tempting you to go backwards, you are not alone. For the test is to come to the braver, truer, more vulnerable yet hopeful YOU. The resurrection of change is here on your doorstep and if you have not said YES to it yet, it could be time soon as we move into April. On the 10th Jupiter goes Retrograde in Sagittarius bringing us to an inner journey to great spiritual insight and  expansion of the journey to achieving dreams though self discovery and mystical searching  and optimism of your inner goals, which will be worked on through this entire year.  Goals will come to those who are working the magic that is at foot. Work with it all, not against it and good things will come.

Do you ever wonder why negative things happen? In part in this school of life our Source challenges us to find our self through this dark time of self discovery and how we play it out in the collective. We are connected through the mind and until we understand both that a bit more and of our part in the play we are asked to shift until we see better in the whole world. The cosmos have a plan for you and to tap into more positive, prosperous, loving energy you must KNOW YOUR SELF first. The world says take your oxygen first then give it to thine neighbor. This time is here and love is your guidepost to understanding where you stand the the whole.

Tell me what it is that you plan to do with this one wild and precious life? - Mary Oliver

This is your question for April , my beloveds...

So  I am doing my wonderful Psychic 101 again!!! On April 27th Saturday in Portland. This class is the starter for anyone on the journey to awaken your still and silent gift of intuition and learning more about dreams, Spirit guides, intuition and ego and spiritual law and energy. It is a very beautiful and very fun class for both beginners and for people who know some things but want to go a bit deeper. Popular class fill up FAST! Space is limited so sign up fast. 10 -2 PM location TBD and announced via email when you sign up. $250.00 for the class and snacks are provided.  Sign up here

A spring coupon here! But this time I have a gift for you! If you purchase a coupon, you will be signed up for a drawing for a full hour Gift Certificate to be used at a later date or you can give it as a gift if you win it in the drawing! that is a $250.00 value and the gift that keeps giving.

One hour is $50.00 off as well as half hour but ONLY For 48 HOURS from receipt of this email .  Please put the code in at purchase to receive the discount.



Ok this is my last blog in this here old website we will launch my new lovely website on April 1 ( no Joke! ) So I for one am so excited for the NEW!

I am here for you

I love you

I am ONE with you

and so is Spirit.

In Grace and Love.


“I have not always chosen the safest path. I've made my mistakes, plenty of them. I sometimes jump too soon and fail to appreciate the consequences. But I've learned something important along the way: I've learned to heed the call of my heart. I've learned that the safest path is not always the best path and I've learned that the voice of fear is not always to be trusted.”
― Steve Goodier

Sarah Winslow
March News; Vulnerable pull to the Light, coupons!

Hello All,

Stay tuned to the last half of this newsletter for a coupon code for discounted sessions and announcements. Welcome to my March newsletter and blog. This will be the last blog on my old website as I am launching a new one very soon! How exciting to rebuild on a dream, rebuild on what you know is working and let go of things  that are all done, don't you think? Nature abhors a vacuum and that means that change and shifts have to come in at times  when we may not feel ready for them. The reason I am bringing that up is that there are magnetic forces beyond our understanding that at times, push our free will to the side a bit to make us aware that things are or about to shift. This is happening for many of you out there. In ways that are very positive however they may look daunting or challenging to begin with. The purpose of these changes is that it forces a crack in places where  light or love or compassion or self awareness has to enter in. We must not act or REact the same way we would in events or situations that we might have done in the past. Mercury the planet of communication is about to go retrograde from the 5th to the 28th of March, giving us time to reassess and realign with renovating our thoughts and our lives. Be careful and gentle with your communications and contracts that you are in during this time. We have some big movement that has happened since the eclipses of the summer and highlighted by the recent full super moon in Virgo in February. This means clearing house. Divine likes to shake things up because we humans like to be zombies avoiding our true life path and we Netflix and chill almost too much;) We need to be conscious co creators of our path to true happiness and also bring that love back out into the world once we have found it.. or at least begin it. We must face the knowledge that we have to be vulnerable, or have deeply vulnerable moments, to access the core of what our soul needs; love and understanding. Not just by another human but by our selves. To know yourself is to find yourself, and that is the gift that is a game changer in life.

I have seen many clients with big moments unraveling their lives in ways that are making them bow down in the grace of asking for help and for the first time, knowing that it is something very different that they truly need, rather than what they "thought" they needed. The heart does that thinking for us, in the moments of vulnerable clarity. How precious and shaky we are in the moments of clear open heartedness. It will often disguise as breakups, job shifts, injuries that come in suddenly, losing a loved one, battling addiction, and also falling deeply in love. What hides it is pride, shame, anger, depression, and things that seem like normal human daily things. Its the epiphany of the heart that leads you to the life you dream of, the life of your soul awakening to greater connection and understanding which then is a game changer for all sorts of your hopes and happinesses. Vulnerability is the doorway to bravery and that leads to victory. I say this for we are moving to many shifts and it will be helpful knowing its all going to be .........alright; That   you are loved loved loved by a force and a bandwidth of angelic protection that has a Divine plan in order at all times. I speak of this as a channel and a human being that knows first hand. I see every day miracles and I am a vessel that helps to Guide  others here; because I have lived that pain as well. Heal thy self=healthy self. Healthy self worth brings those dreams to you. Trust me my loves.

So as we move forward to March I have my wonderful event where I will talk more about cool stuff like this and make you giggle and do group session called " This Rough Magic " and you can read here what it is. WE will be taking this on the road if you have interest in hosting or promoting let me know.  March 11

On March 30th I am teaching my Psychic 102 class the second in my spiritual intuition development class series. If you have taken my 101 or something similar do please sign up - it is so much fun and deeply connected to learning how to connect to your guides, divination tools and learning more about energy and the rest- info and sign up are here.

Lastly - I love you all and want to extend a brief coupon for discounted readings for March and that means for only 48 hours you can purchase a one hour reading for $200. ($50. off) or a half hour reading for $125.00 ($50. off) act fast as this is the last one for a bit. Remember that I am a busy in demand lady and it may take a wee bit to get on the schedule with me. If you purchase one please email us that you have and we will answer in order of purchase.

enter the code at checkout to receive the discount

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More events coming up!

Lastly - you  are a shining star. We are all in this together and all the hopes you have , we all do. Your trust in the power of your prayer and hopes is the trust of not one but many. Miracles happen when we shift our perceptions. Remember this.

“What happens when people open their hearts?"
"They get better.”
― Haruki Murakami,

Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”
― Brene Brown


I love you my fellow beautiful searchers,


Sarah Winslow
January End/February Begin; Spiritual Love, Coupon!
'Untitled' © Sarah Winslow, Acrylic on Canvas

'Untitled' © Sarah Winslow, Acrylic on Canvas

Hello All

I hope your January is flowing well after the wild blood moon and eclipse of the 21st. I am sure it helped some of you move through the depths of things or began the catalyst that needed to happen to propel you forward to new life and the life your soul is or has signed up for. Remember that I often say the Universe knows us better than we know ourselves so the journey to healing sometimes brings big bumps and emotional bruises that we have to endure. The purpose of this is to rid your life of possible roadblocks that are not letting you understand a few things; What LOVE truly is, both inward and outward and what our path might be if we took a new road to better or more spiritually "right" kind of jobs, places, relationships, or family lessons. To trust your own deepest heart where your intuition lies and your soul seeded path would be the advice of Spirit. To try to mentally rescue things that are either not working or needing to be released will not help your soul become attuned to the true atonement of a greater sense of joy or understanding. As in;" what is the true purpose of my path here on earth?" Atonement= At-ONE-Ment. At one with the right path, with soul purpose, with love, with Spirit Itself. With LOVE. In a month with a big commercialized holiday celebrating love, we must ask ourselves if we know what REAL LOVE FEELS LIKE. It is more connected through not what looks right but what feels like it has Gods signature and stamp on it. A pull that transcends understanding at times. This is the love of Spirit inside if you that when you find it for yourself, is shows you that YOU are the love and the path way to all that you have or with to  have in the future. It is always inside of you.

I have seen many people shifting recently and noticing signs that are leading them into deeper connections with either new partners or with themselves or their purpose. Relationships are the icing of a good life but finding your own truth is the base of that good life. What people try to do is mold things that might not be serving them at all under the guise that it is; Yet Spirit shows us the vibration of following our deepest heart, the one that lives under all the debris of so much hurt and trauma that we can access once we let go of what is deemed part of our lesson and we follow that pulse to new. I have had many clients noticing number sequences signaling from our angels and guides that change is on the horizon and if your ears are ringing, well you must trust and follow that urge that your soul is nudging you.  Massive shifts are coming in for many of you humans and much of it is Spirit guided so trust the flow and the shifts and be brave to find a way to speak your truth to yourself first, outwardly second. I am seeing much in the alignment of beginnings/endings/radical new belief systems/study/ and dream awakenings. Pay attention to those dreams at night, and by all means take care of YOU. That is a perfect valentines day gift to yourself. You hold the key.

For my Valentines day gift to you; a February Coupon Code!

For only 48 HOURS, you can purchase a Full Hour reading at a $50.00 discount and a half hour reading as well for $50.00 off.

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Remember these are only for 48 hours and then it is done.

Also I am happy to announce we are putting on a new event again of THIS ROUGH MAGIC; An Evening with Sarah Winslow

You can find the tickets and date here; This time it will be at The Riverside Grill at the Riverside Golf Club in Portland, Maine on March 11th. Please come it promises to be a wonderful night filled with laughter, healing, and spiritual messages. Click here for tickets and information;


Remember this as you move along the pathway of life;

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.” ― Anais Nin

and this;

“With everything that has happened to you, you can feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.”  Wayne Dyer


I am loving you and I am here to assist you,

God bless,


Sarah Winslow
January 2019; New, Manifest, Clearing

Hello Friends, and Happy New Year!

This is a channeled message as well as an announcement of events and specials so stay tuned after the message for that information. You will want to read to the end!

So 2019 begins with a bang with the first of 2 eclipses ( this one on the weekend of the 5th ) and Uranus moving out of retrograde giving a push and a boost to momentum from the last summer's previous eclipses. This is flow of energy that brings about clarity from things and moments that we saw in the later summer and early fall. Things are getting cooking so to speak. The energy of January is to illuminate and percolate your deepest wish that your soul has for PROGRESS. To some you will know what that means and to others the great reveal with sudden news and sudden shifts or surprises being brought about with a turn on a dime. I always say "do the work, or God will do it for you." What you TRULY need to happen will and sometimes in ways you don't expect and sometimes you will be given the green light to light up your pathway all by yourself.

Giving birth to a brand new life sometimes feels painful for we have to push push push until what was gestating can breathe and see the light of day. For many of you, that time is at your doorstep. Your souls are craving a real shift and your mind and body are catching up now. And so too will your relationship and your jobs and your locations and finances. What is it you TRULY ARE DESIRING? Are you not living your best spiritual life? Are you still living in argument and strife? Do you think that is a productive life in this time that you are incarnate? Are you unhappy with where you are at? Do you want something to shift? Well, shift it will, with proper prayer and the force of your will and the Divine's will.  If you think that you were born to work, go home, pay bills, worry, numb your feelings with computers and other drugs, you should think again. You, my dear reader, need love and affection. You need magic and synchronicity, you need prosperity and vitality. You need community and happiness. You need purpose and joy. Do you know why you need that? For you are one with all of creation and from the infinite force of Love you came and to that you return and finding MEANING IN THE LIFE YOU ARE IN IS THE KEY TO SEEING THAT LOVE..ALWAYS. It looks different to all of us but it is similar in tone what that means to us and this year, the 3 creative Universal year (in numerology) is a year  to create and manifest your desires. It is the year of the Earth Pig in Chinese astrology- a year of joy and togetherness and community and yumminess and pleasure as well as making your life your own thing in a pleasurable way. It can lead to excess on the other spectrum but after the last two years, we all need it. This year is a year of leaps, of creation, of listening, of radical self awareness- the opposite would be exclusion and non forgiveness and repression and non expression so look to see what is matching the vibration of beginning. Some things will end to let you begin but if you ask your soul truly if you know that it wasn't working (that job, last few months, work environment, housing, building, relationship, communication etc etc) then you know its time to move forward. Let go and let God and pray for help and help will come.

With this new year things with me are changing BIG TIME. I have a few new offerings for readings. I am building a new YouTube for uploads of weekly vibe reports. I am doing my Rough Magic series of spiritual talks and readings and will be uploading products on my website. Stay tuned into my Facebook, Instagram, and online for all of that and do sign up for those events and classes as well.  I will be interviewed and will post links to online and radio shows coming up.

Big shifts and keep up, I am running fast! ;-)

New Readings:

Remember I have my super awakening POPULAR series class starting in January on the 12th with my Psychic 101 and you can see info here and sign up for that.  Size is limited but open to all interested and I still have space at the moment but let me know if it is open by emailing here;

Stay in touch!

The energy is shifting and we all must go with it. No regrets, no shame, for fear - ONLY LOVE.

“A spiritual reinterpretation of events gives us miraculous authority to command the winds, to part the waters, and to break all chains that bind us.”
― Marianne Williamson, T

I am loving you with humble gratitude.


“Let your heart sing from those wounded places.
When you sing your song with everything you've got,
it will not only heal you, but it will heal all of us through you.”
― Gemma B. Benton

Sarah Winslow