• Half-Hour | $175 (one person)

  • Full-Hour | $250 (one person), $325 (two people)

  • Email Reading | $70

  • Past Life Regression and Reading (full-hour) | $275 (one person)

  • Corporate Magic Consulting | Prices estimated upon introductory phone call


Sarah’s office is located in Portland, ME. Details and directions are given to the client when their appointment is confirmed.

In-person readings are to be paid for with cash or check at the time of the scheduled appointment.


Phone or Skype readings are an available option for clients who cannot travel to Sarah’s office for their reading. Contact details are given to the client when their appointment is confirmed.

Phone, Facetime or Skype readings must be paid for at the time of scheduling, and are the same rate as in-person readings. ALL PHONE READINGS ARE SCHEDULED FOR EST, SO YOU MUST COMPUTE THE DIFFERENCE.


Sarah can only answer up to two questions. It’s important to remember that if she is guided to answer you in a more abstract construct that is better in person, she will inform you. You MUST NOT email Sarah again asking her for further explanation. If you feel like you need more clarity, you are encouraged to book a phone or in-person reading with her. You are encouraged to be open to the answers you receive, and the work it may take to fully understand the answers.

In your inquiry, please ask Sarah first if she will be able to accommodate your email reading in her schedule. Sarah’s readings are scheduled at a first-come, first-served basis and Sarah holds the right to move her schedule around as it pertains to her work/life. She will contact you immediately with updates that relate to your reading.

Email readings are to be purchased at the time of booking, and it may take Sarah up to five days to answer your questions.


To purchase gift certificates, email Sarah at to exchange information directly. Please include contact information with inquiries for gift certificates.

Gift certificates MUST be redeemed within two calendar years of purchase. Old gift certificates may be redeemed on a case-by-case basis, and if Sarah’s rates have changed since the original purchase, you will have to pay the difference. These gift certificate policies speak to the integrity of Sarah’s work and terms will not be negotiated.


Sarah’s Office Hours:

Monday - Friday | 9am - 4pm contingent on her personal schedule
Sarah does not perform readings in the evenings or on weekends.



  • Payment is expected at the time of the reading (for in-person sessions), and at the time of booking for phone/Skype sessions to hold your spot.

  • There is a $30.00 fee in addition to the reading fee for returned checks.

  • All classes and workshops are to be priced individually upon announcement and all prices are subject to change.

  • All readings are to be scheduled online via email. Do not ask to schedule over the phone. Email is the only method to book with Sarah.

  • Please be prompt in confirming your appointment times, as Sarah’s schedule fills up at a first-come-first-served basis. Once Sarah’s team offers you available appointment times, we will hold them for five days. After the five-day period your appointment time will be opened up to other inquiring clients.

  • If you don’t hear from Sarah or her team for a few days, please follow up. We are very busy keeping up with all inquiries, and provide the best service possible for Sarah’s clients. However at times, it takes a bit to get back to everyone.

  • If there are two or more persons you’d like to bring into a session, you MUST alert Sarah prior to your arrival, and what relationship they have with you. This does have an impact on pricing, so communication is key! (Please note, you MAY NOT have a friend sit in with you without paying full price for that friend).

  • If you wish to discuss pricing with Sarah, or talk privately about your finances, please reach out to Sarah at

  • Please respect Sarah’s time and notify her (via email) as soon as you know you need to cancel or postpone a reading.

Sarah also conducts Gallery or Group reading events, where a larger group of people are read at the same time (ideal for birthday parties, corporate events, etc.). For more information, contact Sarah with your inquiry.


  • When coming in to see Sarah, it’s best to be aware, open and accepting to whatever Spirit wants to relay to you through Sarah.

  • Sarah advises you to write down any questions or ideas prior to your reading, setting the intention to receive the help you need, or to connect with certain loved ones on the other side. It is also wise not to have your expectations too high, as nervousness creates a block of energy. Sarah lets the energy go where it needs to help you on your path to your Highest expression of joy , love and healing.

  • Upon scheduling your appointment, Sarah’s team will send you clear directions to her office in Portland.

  • Please arrive on-time. There is no waiting area in Sarah’s new office, and clients are often scheduled back-to-back. Please respect the time of the client before you, and do not come in to Sarah’s office before the exact time of your scheduled reading.

  • After your reading, if you wish to send a  testimonial to the contact email you can or may  be featured on her website or Social Media channels for promotion upon your consent.


If you want to return for another session with Sarah, she encourages her clients to wait a full moon cycle (four weeks) to fully integrate the information received in your first reading. If someone signs up for readings frequently, and Spirit guides them to move on and act upon guidance, Sarah will suggest they do so. Usually, clients do the work, and joyfully come in periodically for messages and Spiritual “tune-ups!” Sarah has many beloved frequent clients.

Phone readings are the same as in-person sessions. Sarah does not need to see you to SEE you, but many people travel to her to have the experience of an in-person meeting. Sarah has clients all over the world, and for overseas or long-distance clients, Skype sessions are available.