“Give yourself the gift of a session with Sarah. I have been a client for many years and I often tell people a session with Sarah is like sitting down with your best friend for a chat about life and receiving the most wise, practical and loving guidance. Sarah’s connection to our guides and her wisdom of the universe has helped me understand uncertain times in my life from a different perspective. Every session with her propels me forward and leaves me feeling empowered and hopeful. Thank you, Sarah. I am so very grateful to know you and am blessed to receive your wise guidance.”

- Kristin L. Portland, ME

“Over 13 years ago, I sought Sarah’s divine wisdom as I navigated some challenging personal and professional times in my life. Since then, I have remained connected with Sarah because her insight has been ‘spot-on’ and she has helped me to grow and remain on my own spiritual and professional path. I have referred many of my own clients and friends to Sarah, and the feedback is always positive. Her messages are life-changing, deep, and personal, while being divinely delivered with love, light, and a little humor. Sarah can have you laughing and crying in the same session, and yet it is all good and all about loving and growing. You feel Sarah’s love for life in every word.”

- Paul K. costa rica


“I have had readings from Sarah for 3 years now. She is straight forward, funny, to the point, and on point. Sarah brings clarity and and a sense of direction that is coming from Spirit, the Angels, our guides and ancestors, our own soul, and her tough love (when needed). When I can't get out of my own way, her readings are nudges in the right path and gentle reminders of my own truth. As I reflect on my readings over the years, I am forever grateful for the light she has brought to my life in times of transition, grief, uncertainty, but also, laughter, happiness, and joy. Thank you, Sarah, for the wonderful gifts you bring to the world, and for being you!”

- Karen C. Seattle, WA

“Sarah brings a unique combination of authenticity and approachability to her incredible power of insight and intuition….she is more than a soul guide.. She is a spiritual leader, gently nudging from behind as she kindly channels powerful and timely messages from spirits-it is an honor to be in the presence of her gift-plus her readings are both metaphorical as well as at times specific. What is best about Sarah is her down to earth style-she is comfortable being who she is-a gifted person who is able to see life clearly on both this daily earthly plane and see and feel the energy of the universe moving us where we are to be….She has effectively channeled many messages that have allowed me to accept life on life’s terms and shine light in dark corners I was refusing to see.”

- Chris G. Portland, ME

“Sarah is an unbelievably special soul. Her Spiritual counseling has been a gift beyond measure, and her heart is as good as gold. As I have navigated divorce after a 20-year marriage, falling in love again, moves, job changes, family deaths, and other life issues over the last 8 years, Sarah has channeled the Guidance that I have needed, and did so in a very loving way. Traditional counseling was not what I needed (and I should know since I was trained as an MSW clinical social worker). My need was for a deeper understanding and growth on a Spiritual level. Sarah has lovingly channeled that, and personally been incredibly supportive. Her ability to tune into a situation, sometimes even before I mention it, is amazing. And the insights and Guidance that she has been able to channel have made an unbelievable difference in my life. I am extremely grateful for Sarah and all that she has given to me.”

- Elise E. Little Rock, AR

“I have been a client of Sarah's for a long time (10 years), and I've brought many friends and loved ones to her door to share in the magic that I have experienced with her. Sitting with Sarah is a multi-faceted jewel of bright light, healing words, cheerleading, support, companionship, intuitive gems, laughter, tears, truth, wisdom both heavenly and earthly, guidance, comfort and somehow always exactly what I need on that particular day during that particular chapter of my life.

A visit with Sarah feels like doing shots of Universal Love, A sunny day after week of rain, A loving nudge out of a nest and finding yourself supported, not alone and even flying.

- Patty G. Portland, ME

“I have received private readings from Sarah Winslow for over ten years. She is a very gifted medium and conducts her work with integrity, humor, and grace. One of the things I love about Sarah is her ability to “walk both worlds.” While she is incredibly intuitive and spiritual, she is also grounded in everyday life experiences. When talking with Sarah, I always feel like I’m chatting with a dear friend. I highly recommend her services!”

- Nicole D. Hartford, CT